Friday, April 3, 2009

Alex Casstellanos says ...

Obama is a privileged young man who has not yet made many mistakes in his life. Having a president who belongs to the Harvard elite and the community-organizer streets is not the same as having a president who has lived a long life among middle-class Americans and understands them.

Impatience lies not deep beneath the surface of Obama. There is no shortage of self-confidence in this young man. It is a short step from such confidence to arrogance.

Arrogance in a politician is not healthy. Hubris, combined with inexperience, can be fatal. Obama could be a one-term president.

Obama is looking a little older. There would be nothing wrong with acting like it.
Oh yeah ... nothing like a right wing shill for brilliant insight. How many big time Republicans have lived a life among the middle class anyway?

Source - Crooks and Liars

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