Friday, April 3, 2009

That Dumbass Glenn Beck says ...

Here's what Beck is saying in a nutshell. He's saying that our country has become increasingly fascist since Teddy Roosevelt. Think about that. This gets to the heart of true conservatism here. During a period where this nation saw an unprecedented increase in the standard of living ... a period where we experienced real democratic reform by expanding the vote to include women, African Americans and young adults ... a period where we experienced the greatest period of shared prosperity ever known ... he says that this was a period of nothing more than America heading towards fascism.

Glenn Beck is simply not a very serious man. He does not make serious arguments. Fortunately, he's not exactly preaching to a brilliant audience. These people are more than happy to substitute there own version of history ... facts don't matter. Here's one to consider: conservatives did not want to go to war with fascists. Many, in fact, did not want war because they thought there was money to be made with the Nazis. We could pretend that the ideology has advanced, but that's not exactly true is it?

Source - County Fair

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