Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glenn Beck says ...

Have you heard this one? The U.S. Navy is now looking to the FBI for advice on how to free an American cargo ship captain. Oh, no, they're sending over a hostage negotiator. Yes, I hope we're bringing them some hot cocoa over to the Somali pirates! The U.S. warship is near the pirates' drifting light boat and the Navy doesn't know how to fix this one. Wow!
Glenn, you are one sick fuck. How dare you question the bravery of our Navy? Let's be honest dude. You are a stupid asshat

Am I to understand that you wanted us to go in "guns blazing" as Dr. Cole describes it at the link and risk Captain Phillips life? Well, thank God the President and the military ignore worthless scum like yourself. Pig.

Source - Informed Comment

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