Friday, April 24, 2009

Fox & Friends Bring the Stupid (Again ... and Again ... and Again)

Gretchen Carlson says ...
Is the Obama administration trying to put the kibosh on free speech?
Brandon Brice says ...
You know, I was actually one of the speakers at the tea party, and I find it appalling that this gentleman would say that it's unhealthy and it's un-American. I think this is actually more American than anything that this administration has done. And from the -- like I said, the political partisanship that many people have criticizing, there were Democrats, there were Republicans, and there were independents.
K. T. McFarland says ...
I don't think they get it. I mean, this was not an anti-tax rally. This was an anti-Washington rally.
Fox & Friends packs more stupidity into every minute than even Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity. Kudos to them.

Source - County Fair

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